User Types

User Types are the persona or role assigned to the user. The type has a direct effect on the permissions available when using the system. Please see attached job aid for more in depth details.  As examples:

  • Executive has access rights to the entire application functionality and is generally designated as the tool’s Super User for the company.
  • Office Worker uses the application throughout the day to schedule Users to perform and complete assignments in the field in many cases referred to as a Dispatcher.
  • Technicians are generally in the field and use the SmartField App on a smartphone or tablet to access work assignments, document start and end times, make notations, etc.

Create a User Type

Use the steps below to create a new User Type within your company’s system.

  1. From the Control Tower, select the Administration drop down.
  2. Select User Type and then select the OK button.
  3. A new User Type tab displays.
  4. Update the Code and Description fields with your company’s vernacular for system users.
  5. Select the Access drop down and choose the applicable access type for that user type.
  6. Select the Save button.
  7. Complete steps 4 through 6 for each User Type needed.
  8. When all user types have been created, select the [X] in the User Type tab to close.

**See attached job aid for additional details on Initial System Setup**