Access is controlled in the SmartField application by Access Types predefined in the system.  These Access Types cannot be changed.  Please see list below or read attached job aid for more in depth details:

  • Mobile Only: This access is for those using only the SmartField application in the field from a smartphone or tablet, generally Users. No access to the Control Tower.
  • Restricted App and Mobile: This access is for Users as well as using the SmartField online application in the field. When logged into the online application, all that is viewable from the Control Tower are the User’s site hours associated with jobs they have been assigned.
  • App and Mobile: This access is for managers and supervisors of Users who need access to SmartField online application in an office or home office as well as mobile in the field. This is the same view as the Super User but the Administration and Reporting tabs are not available.
  • Super User: This access is designated specifically for the Administrator(s) of the SmartField online application for the company. This access allows for full permissions to everything in the system. The Super User(s) responsible for creating the general workflow and reports.