Job Skills

Job Skills are seen as an expertise, ability or attribute of a User (Field Technician) that identifies what jobs they can be assigned. Job Skill(s) are also assigned a Rate (hourly-cost value) and are attached to specific hourly labor activities to estimate and track the cost of a job. Refer to How to Create a Job Skill article to learn how to create additional skills or certifications.

  • Examples: Air Conditioning, Electrical, Field Tech 1, Field Tech 2, Installs, Mechanical, MISC, and Plumbing

Create a Job Skill

Use the steps below to create a new Job Skill within the system.

  1. From the Control Tower, select the Administration drop down.
  2. Select Job Skill and then select the OK button.
  3. A new Job Skill tab displays.
  4. Update the Code and Description fields with your company’s vernacular for Job Skills.
  5. Optional: Update the Rate field (rate per hour in dollars) with the standard fees associated as applicable.
  6. Optional: Update the Valid Days as applicable for that job skill. This is the validity of the certification or skill by number of DAYS (not a date).
  7. Select the Type drop down and choose the applicable option (Skill or Certification) for that Job Skill.
  8. Select the Save button.
  9. Complete steps 4 through 8 for each Job Skill needed.
  10. When all user types have been created, select the [X] in the Job Skill tab to close.

**See attached job aid for additional details on Initial System Setup**