Below the user profile data section are a number of tabs:

  • The first tab, General, defaults to display. Update the fields as applicable.
    • Division: The Division field is customizable by the application’s Super User(s). If your company separates their locations geographically, use the Division function. Users can only be assigned to one division and it must first exist in the system. Refer to Initial System Setup reference aid on creating a Division. To add a Division in the User Profile record:
      1. Select the General tab.
      2. Navigate to the Division(s) panel.
      3. Select the Add icon. A blank line item displays.
      4. Select the blank field below Code.The field changes to display a drop down arrow.
      5. Select the drop down arrow and select the applicable option.
  • Select the second tab, Job Skills. (Super Users Only) Note: A user can have more than on Job Skill.
    1. Select the Add icon to insert a blank row. Select the Job Skills dropdown and choose the applicable skill for the User being created.
    2. If no list displays and job skills are needed, refer to the Initial System Setup reference aid.
    3. Select the Save button
  • Optional: (Super Users only) Select the third tab, Equipment. This tab is used to view the equipment assigned to a certain User, if applicable.
    1. With the Equipment tab displayed, select the Add button.
    2. Select the blank field below Equipment. An Equipment Search window displays. Select the Search button.
    3. Review the table and find the applicable equipment line item. Select the Equipment Number link.
    4. The item is associated to the User. From the Equipment tab panel,select the Save button. Please note, this is NOT the save button at the bottom of the screen. Refer to graphic.
  • Optional: (Super Users only) Select the fourth tab, Vehicle. This is used when the company assigns vehicles to their Users.
    1. Select the Add icon to add a row.
    2. Select the row to open the Vehicle Search dialog box.
    3. Select the Search button to load the available vehicles. Select the applicable vehicle.
    4. Select the Save button within the tab. Refer to graphic.
  • Optional: Flex Fields are a tool your company can use to define custom fields. An example of this tool’s use in the User profile is to house information such as emergency contacts, birthday, work anniversary, etc.
  • Optional: Select the sixth tab, User Notes. This is where specific notes can be documented for that User. Notes on the User profile are visible to anyone who can view the User’s record.
    1. Select the Add button. A blank Standard line item is added. Double-click/tap the Standard field to activate a drop down menu.
    2. Select the applicable option (Standard, Problem, Resolution). These options are used later to when filtering and viewing by note types.
    3. Double-click/tap the blank field under Notes. The field activates.
    4. Input the applicable notation and then select the Save button.
  • Optional: (Super Users only) Select the seventh tab, Tasks. Tasks are not viewable on the mobile app. An example of this tool’s use in the User Profile is to “task” back office users of reminders to complete something pertaining to a job or customer. Ex: Phone call, meeting, email follow up, etc.