Use the steps below to create a new Warehouse in AgileField

1. Log into the system

2. Navigate to the Inventory tab and select Warehouse:

3. Fill in information about the Warehouse:

  1. Code:  Enter a code for the new warehouse
  2. Description:  Enter a description for the new warehouse. This can be the same as Code.
  3. Email: Enter the email of the warehouse manger for the warehouse. Emails will be sent to this address to when inventory quantities are halfway to their reorder level and again when they're at their reorder level.  This includes any reorder levels for vehicles associated to the warehouse.
  4. Address 1: Enter the address
  5. Address 2: Enter in any additional address information
  6. City: Enter the city
  7. State: Enter the state
  8. Zip: Enter the zip/postal code
  9. Country: Select the country
  10. Save: Select save to create the new warehouse