Job types are a sub-category of work packages that are intended to describe the actual type of work to be completed.  To assign a job type to a work package, you must go through work package setup.  Please review the following instructions and also see the attached job aid for full work package instructions:

Work Package Setup

In this Work Package Setup, you will link the Job Types to the Work Package. Please note the system automatically saves the associations as each is added and built out.

  1. From the Control Tower, select Actions drop down
  2. Select Work Package Setup.
  3. The Work Package Setup tab displays.Associate Job Types
  4. Select the package line item from the Work Packages panel.
  5. Navigate to the Job Types panel and select the Add button. A blank line displays below the Code and Description headers.
  6. Select either blank field to activate a drop down menu. Select the Job Types(subcategories) associated with that Work Package (category).
  7. Complete steps 5 and 6 until all relevant Job Types are associated with that Work Package.