Enhancements - What’s New! 

Equipment Locations

If you service equipment in remote locations, you can now enter latitude and longitude for a piece of equipment in the Control Tower.

Users of the Mobile App will be able to see the latitude and longitude and click to open the location on a map.

Customer Status

If your company would like to track your Customers by statuses, you will now be able to define the statuses and associate them to Customers.  You’ll be able to filter a Customer search by these statuses as well.

Note: For help setting up Customer Statuses, please contact AgileField Support.

Changes to Notes

Internal Notes

Notes will now default to “Internal” when they’re entered in the Control Tower and the Mobile App. 

Editing and Deleting Notes

Super Users will now have the ability to edit or delete all notes in the Control Tower.

Delete a Recurring Job

A Super User will now have the ability to delete a Recurring Job before it’s been applied.

Contract Default

Your company will now have a choice to decide whether or not you want new jobs created from the Control Tower to default to a Customer’s active contract.  

Note: If you want to use this new feature please contact AgileField Support.

Mobile Application

Invoice Preview

The Mobile App will now be able to display a preview of the invoice for a job.  This will include basic information about the job and each activity with associated pricing.

Preview Invoice is located on the Sign tab for a job on the Mobile App:

Note: If you want this feature turned on, please contact AgileField Support.

Customer Custom Fields

Users will now be able to view and edit Customer Custom Fields on the Mobile App.

Hyperlink Customer Addresses

When searching Customers on the Mobile App with the Search function, the Customer’s address will now be clickable to open for driving directions.

Customer Job History

Users can now search a Customer’s job history from the Search function on the Mobile App.  (It’s still viewable from a Job as well).

View and Assign Open Jobs

When this feature is on, Users will be able to view Open and Unassigned Jobs.  All jobs in PENDING status can be assigned to themselves or another User.

Note: If you want this feature turned on, please contact AgileField Support

Scheduled Date/Time on Multi-Day Jobs

For jobs that span multiple days, Users will now be able to see how long they will be working on the job.

Bug Fixes 

Rounding on Logged Hours

Logged hours were rounding up or down inaccurately.  We’ve fixed this to reflect the actual logged hours for a User on a job.

Delete Field Images on a Job

We’ve fixed the error produced when attempting to delete a field image. Users are now able to delete field image(s) on jobs.