Customer Alerts on the Mobile App

This reference aid is designed for Super Users, Dispatchers, and Field Technicians of the AgileField Control Tower and AgileField Mobile Application to create and view alerts that will pop up on the Mobile App when a Field Technician is working a Job for a Customer.  These are commonly used for gate codes, reminders, and other important notes.

Creating Customer Alerts

To add Serialized Inventory to a job:

  1. Navigate to a Customer record in the Control Tower

  2. Select the Notes tab

  3. Select Add 

  1. Double click in the Type column to select Alert  

  1. Enter the note you want to appear as an alert on the Mobile App

  2. Select Save.

Viewing Customer Alerts on the Mobile App

To view the Customer Alerts on the Mobile App:

  1. Log into the Mobile App

  2. Open the Job 

  3. If the Customer the Job is for has any Customer Alerts, they will pop up automatically:

  1. To view the Customer Alert(s) at any time, select the View Alerts button on the Job Info screen: