This reference aid is designed for Super Users and Dispatchers of the AgileField Control Tower to search jobs for specific Activities and other selected criteria.

Activity Search

To search for jobs that have a particular Activity:

  1. Select Jobs along the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Activity Search.

  1. Select any criteria you’d like to use to narrow the search.

Example: Select the Inventory drop down to search for jobs using a particular piece of Inventory. 

Note: Depending on the search criteria, another search screen may populate to narrow the results.

  1. Use the Inventory Search screen to select a piece of Inventory to search:

  1. Select Search to narrow the search by the Inventory selected.

  2. Repeat steps 1-5 as needed to select additional criteria.

  3. Select Search again on the Activity Search screen to generate results.

Tips: Results can be exported using the Grid icon on the top left of the search results window.