In order for our team to build you a custom report, we'll need to get some information from you first.

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A custom report in AgileField is normally a CSV file with rows of data from the AgileField system.  There are three basic dimensions involved with building a report:

1.  What does each row represent?

  • Usually, each row will represent something from one of the top menus in the Control Tower: Jobs, Customers, Users, Equipment, or Inventory.

2.  What columns should be shown in each row of the report?

  • Columns correspond to fields in the AgileField system.  For example, if you want a report that shows the Customer's name on jobs, we will need to know which field(s), specifically, you want displayed in the column.  (Ex: do you want to see "Company" or do you want to see "First Name" and "Last Name"?

3.  What conditions (filters) should be used?

  • Conditions or filters can be a date range, job status or statuses, divisions, etc...
  • Date Range: The report can be filtered to only show data within a specified start date and end date.  When you run the custom report, you'll be prompted to enter a start and end date.  
  • Job Status: Include the job status, or statuses, you wish to see data for.  Ex: you may want to see all jobs in "Completed" and "Approved" status for your report.

Please use this form to get started.