1. Make sure QuickBooks is open.

2. Click the QuickBooks icon on the desktop.

3. QuickBooks should open:

4. Check to see if the QuickBooks connector is up by:

  • Go to Windows Search and search for QB Connector
  • Click on QB Connector

  • A window like this should pop up:

  • Click on the Actions drop down and select Authorize
  • This window should pop up:

  • Enter:
    • Authorized App Name: CloudElements
    • Port Number: 9090
  • Select OK

If the connection is successful, the QB Connector window will close.

5. Make sure Ground 2 Cloud service is in the "Started" state:

6. Paste the Ground 2 Cloud URL in the browser and hit the Enter (Return) button

7. A string similar to the below should be returned (not G2C-unavailable):

8. If the step above fails, you will need to reboot the Windows box (where QB exists) and repeat steps 1-4.