Shifts are used to display when a User is available for work.  

Create a Shift

To create a Shift, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Control Tower, select Admin drop down.
  2. Select Shift then select the OK button, if applicable.
  3. The Shift tab displays.
  4. Update the Code and Description fields with the desired name for that shift (ex: Mon-Fri 8-5).
  5. Next, fill out the appropriate start and end times (refer to graphic at right). The shift times must be military time (24 hours).
  6. Select the Save button.
  7. Complete steps 4 thru 6 for each Shift needed.

Add or Edit a User's Shift

  1. From the Control Tower, select Users along the top navigation.
  2. Select User Search.
  3. Select the User to view the User's record.
  4. Select the Shift drop down to add a shift or to change the User's shift.
  5. Select Save.