Welcome to AgileField Onboarding

We are so happy to have you on board!  Throughout the onboarding process, there are multiple things we will utilize and things you should know.

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Onboarding Process

The process will consist of:

  • Weekly Webinars
  • Team Homework
  • Weekly 1:1 with your Customer Success Manager

The onboarding process will consist of five phases:

Intro & Planning

  • System Credentials
  • Feature Checklist
  • Establish Project Teams
  • Statement of Work

Data Collection

  • Users, Customers, Equipment, Inventory, Jobs, etc.


  • Feature Flag settings
  • Custom Fields
  • Message Templates
  • Reports
  • Soft Launch Period

Training & Integration

  • Super Users, Dispatchers, Inventory, and Field Tech Training
  • System Integration *if applicable

Go Live

  • Project Closure
  • Intro to Support

Tools We Will Use

  • GoToMeeting: All meetings will include a GoToMeeting link with a dial-in phone number and link to screen share.
  • Google Drive: Signed agreements, data collection, documentation, and shared notes.
  • Airtable: Onboarding schedule accessible by both teams and updated in real-time.

Intro to Pat (Support)

Pat is the AgileField Support avatar (not a real person).  Emailing Pat will open a Support Ticket.  During onboarding you should utilize Pat for:

  • General system question and functionality
  • Custom report requests
  • Enhancement requests

Send an email to: pat@agilefieldinc.com

Platform Overview

View all of the information above and *most importantly* our Platform Overview:

Click to view the video.