Schedule a Job to Multiple Users

Using Job Admin Screen

The first way to schedule a job to multiple Users is from the Job Administration screen.  You will utilize the User Schedule tab to do this:

  1. Navigate to the Job Admin screen from a Job Search or the Scheduler view.

  2. Select the User Schedule tab.

  3. Select the Add button to add Users.

  1. Optional:  Use the Search Filters to narrow down your User Search.  Example: User Type

  2. Select a User by selecting their first or last name in the search.

  1. Use the Job Assignment window to select a Start Date and Start Time.

  2. Optional: Edit the Estimated Hours or Estimated Days

  3. Select Save.

  1. To schedule additional Users, select the Add button (step 3).

  2. Select another User from the User Search (step 4 and 5)

  1. Repeat steps 6-8 above to add a Start Date and Start Time.

  2. Repeat steps 9-12 to add as many additional Users as necessary.

  3. All Users will be displayed on the User Schedule tab.

Using the Scheduler View

Show Open Job Queue to drag and drop to users on the schedule

  1. Create the new job you want to schedule. 

  2. From the Unassigned Job Queue on the Scheduler, drag and drop the job to any User.

Example: Job 2667 for Walter White has been scheduled to Leslie Knope.

  1. Now, navigate to the Open Job Queue by selecting the Open radio button along the top of the Scheduler:

  1. Drag and drop the job to an available User.

Example: Job 2667 for Walter White has been scheduled to Ron Swanson.

  1. To assign the job to more Users, you’ll need to refresh the screen by un-checking and checking the Auto-refresh button.

  1. Repeat step 4 and 5 until you’ve scheduled all Users.